“It’s not surprising that stories on RoVE were visited and shared often by our members. RoVE is the most fundamental shift that we have had in our Tertiary Education Sector for decades. I am very proud of the way TEU has been so involved in agitating for change, providing recommendations and continually pushing our decision-makers to include staff voice in their decision-making processes and outcomes.

Just one example of our work in this area has been asking the Prime minister and Minister of Education to ensure we build an equitable and fair workplace including embedding pay transparency into the system.

I have been honoured to be at the table in one of the work streams who are beginning work around what the New Zealand Institute of Skill & Technology is going to look like (Academic Architecture workstream).

It is very clear to me the enormity of the task before us. But I know that if we stand together as one in the TEU, and we continue to push for change, that we will deliver transformational education in Aotearoa and contribute to the health and wellbeing of students and staff. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”

- Sarah Proctor-Thomson, TEU Women’s vice-president

“As I look over the top ten stories of 2019, they all have relevance to my work, and to the broad TEU membership. Secure work in particular is significant for the Industrial and Professional Committee. We are always fighting for our members, fighting to ensure work is fair and equitable, and fighting to ensure that those on dubious agreements are aware of their rights.

Of course, RoVE is also massive - in the bigger scheme – and it’s going to be a long process. As a union, we need to continue to ensure we are at the table throughout the RoVE process”.

- George Tongariro, TEU ITP vice-president, and Industrial and Professional Committee member