Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) staff and students have united to stop a controversial restructuring project.  

The Whiria Project outlines 13 proposals that will have wide reaching implications for students and staff. If implemented the project will undermine teaching and learning experiences with job losses and increased managerialism.

The move by the VUW senior leadership team highlights the rash decisions being made under the cover of Covid-19, removing people from processes, in a way that must be stopped both now and in the future.

TEU co-branch Presidents Katy Miller and Dougal McNeill, last week held an emergency union meeting to discuss a range of issues affecting members. The meeting was a “zoom buster” with record numbers of TEU members attending to have their voices heard. Staff expressed their need to be heard and to be valued, particularly in these unsettling times.

“The middle of a pandemic is the worst time to be introducing major restructuring and doubt,” says Dougal McNeill. “Our members want to focus on teaching and providing for students. This proposal is insensitive and ill-timed, and it’s clear our members are fed up.”

Students and staff are calling on VUW to “STOP The Whiria Project” - United we are sending a strong message to vice-chancellor Grant Guilford that this Project needs to be withdrawn.

TEU National Secretary Sandra Grey goes further stating “Staff across the sector are watching senior leadership closely to ensure the value of staff voice in leading the tertiary education sector is upheld.”

Media Contacts:

Co-branch President Dougal McNeill 022 312 8018 / dougal.mcneill@vuw.ac.nz

TEU National Secretary Sandra Grey 021 844 176