Tell the PM that our conditions work are students’ conditions of learning.

The Minister of Education has told his Cabinet colleagues in a paper about the future of institutes of technology and poytechnics our collective agreements are not flexible enough – that they stop us from working longer hours and are a barrier to ITP bosses wanting to reduce staff costs. The Minister used this argument to persuade his colleagues that ITPs should be allowed to renegotiate our conditions of work so staff can be used “more efficiently.” This it at a time when the Prime Minister to trying to listen to students, staff, parents, iwi and local communities want from education before her government starts changing the way we work and study.

We asked people working in the sector to tell us about the lengths they go to train our future builders, mechanics, nurses, teachers and scientists – and our members stepped up in their hundreds. We collated these personal stories into a letter to the Prime Minister that shows the statement in the cabinet paper is wrong.