Dr Michael Gilchrist

Dr Michael Gilchrist
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Tēna koutou e te whānau

Tū kotahi, tū kaha!

I’m standing on my record - and I’m also seeking your endorsement for a vision of the future. The strength of te Hautu Kahurangi has been forged by many years of collective struggle, mutual support and shared achievement by members. I have provided experienced, resilient and hard-working leadership over the last year and a half to maintain – and grow - that momentum. We continue to become ever more effective as a change-maker in tertiary education. We are providing clear and steady leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic and associated issues such as unsustainable workloads and the loss of international students. And we have made substantial progress on the goals I emphasised when I first sought election.

We continue to develop our campaigning as a union, both politically and industrially. Members have been well-supported to foreshadow industrial action, and to step forward and take such action when alternatives have been exhausted. Negotiating from strength whenever possible, we are developing more unified and hence more powerful bargaining strategies for collective agreements, in the universities, polytechnics, wānanga and across the sector.

We are also beginning to see growth in our overall membership numbers after many years of gradual decline. Growth is now one of our five strategic goals as a union – and a lot is being done to improve our recruitment systems and activities. This work supports all our other goals. Our financial position as a union has also improved, allowing us to invest in areas where we need more staff and resources.

Improving member participation in the union – and buiding from this into greater staff involvement and influence in the workplace - has been an area in which the union has advanced significantly. The Reform of Vocational Education is a huge win for the TEU. We are continuing to make the most of this opportunity, insisting that our voice is heard both at the branch and the national level in every aspect of the design and decision-making of NZIST and the larger system. We will be investing more staff capacity in campaigning and supporting member participation. The advances we are making in these areas should flow on to the university sector and it will be a goal of my second term to make sure that happens.

Overall, I will be ensuring that we do more of what we already do well – and that we lift our work in areas where we need to do better. Special mention should also be made of developing the Tiriti o Waitangi relationship within our union and showing leadership in this respect across the sector. I
hope I will continue to be able to support and help lead this work, which nourishes and strengthens the values of our union as those are set out in te Koeke Tiriti, our tiriti relationship framework. Those values have already guided us to some major achievements. With your support I look forward to
many more!

Tātou, tātou e!