Julie Douglas - Elected Candidate

Julie Douglas - Elected Candidate
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Kia ora koutou katoa

I am standing for the position of Vice President of the IPC for the upcoming 2020/21 term.  I have been a member of the IPC for the last two years and am currently in the VP role due to the resignation of George Tongariro this year. I have been actively involved in our union both at national and branch level for around 20 years.  I believe my background both in the union, and from an academic perspective provide a solid basis for being effective in the role of Vice President.

I am a senior lecturer at AUT in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and my teaching and research areas are in employment relations, social justice, diversity and ethics.  I have been Branch Vice President for approximately 14 years and have also acting up into the President’s role when required.  In these positions I have been involved in a range of activities for the branch;

·        active member of the bargaining team for both allied and academic collective employment agreements,

·        active member of the Collective Monitoring Committee,

·        TEU representative on university appeal committee for promotion and progression,

·        assisted members through personal grievances and organisational reviews.

I bring to the position of VP;

·        knowledge of how the union works at the branch level, and at IPC and Council level,

·        current IPC membership experience,

·        knowledge of employment laws and their application,  

·        experience of chairing meetings,

·        ability to listen to all sides of arguments to facilitate participation and good decision making,

·        I don’t shy away from tough discussions,  

·        an experience of tertiary institutions across both the ITP and the university sectors,

·        a commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the importance placed on this by the TEU and believe that Te Koeke Tiriti has led to a valuable distillation of our values and direction, and a clear framework for action.  

The Industrial and Professional Committee is important in its roles of developing policy for our union,providing advice to our branches and making recommendations to both Council and Conference.  In this particularly hard time, due to the reforms in the ITP sector and COVID-19, many of our members at some institutions are facing uncertain futures and unfair attacks by employers both through negotiations and day to day operations. Our Industrial Strategy is the anchor that holds us together as a union as we weather this storm and the upcoming review of the Strategy is important work to lead, to set our future goals with our members.

We are a strong union with a great team and I would be honoured to work on behalf of members in this important role of VP IPC in the union to provide representation and leadership in this key industrial area.  Therefore,I would ask that you consider supporting my bid in the upcoming election.  

Tū kotahi, tū kaha

Please contact me if you have any questions.  julie.douglas@aut.ac.nz