Grant Bush - Elected Candidate

Grant Bush - Elected Candidate
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My name is Grant Bush and I am standing for the University General Staff position on the TEU Council. I am married and have three grown daughters. I work in the ITS department at Canterbury University where I am an Infrastructure Architect. I have been in the University Sector for over 30years and I have been in the Union for most of this time; first in the Technicians union, then in AUS where I worked on a number of local and national committees and now in the TEU where I have served on the Canterbury branch Committee, the Industrial and Professional Committee and the TEU Council.

This is a time of great change in tertiary education. The Labour led government is proposing sweeping changes to our sector and there are opportunities for us, as a union, to make a real difference to our conditions of work and outcomes for students. But we need a strong voice to make sure our views are heard and that government is held to account for its promises

For a long time now government organisations (including Tertiary Institutions) have been backwaters of industrial relations, always lagging behind the private sector. I believe that this is the wrong way around, government organisations should be exemplars of how industrial relations should be done in this country and they should be examples of how a fair and equitable workplace should work.

COVID19 has put a great strain on us and our institutions, but it has also shown what we can do if we all pull together as “the team of 5million”. As staff we have all done our best to keep our institutions running and support our students, but this is not a one way street, it is also the responsibility of our institutions to support us through the difficult times ahead. We all need to “be kind” to one another.

I believe in a fair society for everyone and that it is the duty of everyone to support those less fortunate than themselves and that only by doing this can we create a safe place for us all. This means that I am a strong advocate for insecure workers and a critic of the casualization of our work

It is only through an organisation like the TEU that we can change these things for the better. If elected as to the TEU Council, I will bring over 15 years of experience in the National Industrial space and will be a strong voice for better pay and conditions for all Staff across the sector.

Thank you