David Kenkel

David Kenkel
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David Kenkel

I have been on the IPC committee for two terms and would greatly value the opportunity to continue for another term.

Having twice been part of the collective bargaining team I plan to take what this has taught me and be part of the next TEU negotiating team for Unitec’s collective agreement. I have been active in the maintenance of a constructive relationship with the executive leadership at Unitec during the challenges of the Covid crisis / lockdowns. This relationship has been critical in advocating for resolution of the multiple challenges staff have faced during this time. Over the last 2 years of our ITP sectors shift from 16 ITP’s to the NZIST I have also been active in inputting into the change process. I have made multiple submissions (including speaking to the parliamentary select committee). I have aimed to be particularly vigilant in guarding local teaching autonomy and protecting the well-being of staff and students during a change process that remains ongoing.

A bit about me: I am of mixed European ancestry, born and raised in West Auckland on the whenua of Te Kawerau-a-Maki and pleased to still be resident close to where I grew up and where many of my extended family still live. I live with my partner Annette and we are blessed with 2 children who are now 30 and 22 who we are deeply grateful were able to make it home during the lockdown. My family has been in the west of Auckland since 1949 when my Father moved to a West Auckland gorse paddock that’s since become a suburb. I’m committed to teaching and working in my local community and I am a lecturer in Social Work and Community Development in the Department of Social Practice at Unitec Auckland - Waitakere Campus. I’m very involved in my local community – including being the Chair of Community Waitakere – an agency that advocates for social cohesion and connection.

I have a chequered work history including nursing, work in residential mental health support work, community work, counselling, family therapy, family violence prevention and group facilitation. I’ve also been a gib stopper and plasterer and run a cafe.

Since 2000 –I’ve taught social practice / social work, and worked as a political and community advocate with UNICEF and the office of the Children’s Commissioner to further children’s rights, well-being and status in society.

In line with my families abiding fascination with fairness, politics, gender, culture and the BIG picture, in 2006 I completed a Masters in Social Policy that looked at the effect on young people of neo-liberal policies in education. Having left school at 15 doing a Masters was a big leap for me. Hence, I understand the challenge of picking up study as an adult and I now work closely with adult students commencing study for the first time. I am currently completing a Phd with an accent on sustainability and people’s relationship with place.