Academic Staff Representatives on Te Toi Ahurangi (3).


S Barnett (2)
Shirley Barnett
Owen's Mug shot forTEU
Owen Ormsby

Nominations have now closed and Gary Te Waaka, Shirley Barnett and Owen Ormsby have been elected unopposed.

Owen Ormsby

Ngaa Piki, Ngaa Heke

We endure through good times and bad.

I am mindful of the fact that we not only endure but are committed to the kaupapa of sustaining equality in education that meets the needs of not only our Kaiako but also our tauira.

Our good times are challenging, and our bad times are challenges as we meet the changing tides of education as we prepare for 2023 and a new way of delivery and aspirations and turning the perceived bad to a positive note.

Keeping in mind that we are who we are with our tupuna who have passed, standing with us in solidarity and unity and guiding us with their spiritual strength in that we do not lose focus of who we are. Knowing that the journey we take, is for them as well.

In working together collegially and collaboratively we will make changes. Such is our success in being committed to our Union, having a vision that comes from networking with our academic colleagues in our respective institutions and seeing the need for productive change.

Raising the bar in equality and equal parity for our tauira Māori is not only a passion but also a commitment, too long have we given in on many aspects of our Tikanga and Matauranga Māori values and it is time to stand and to make the relevant changes that will meet the needs of all New Zealanders in education.

Tertiary education is the journey to freedom and sustainable employment, our journey to the future whilst securing the integrity of our past. I’m mindful of this whakatauki.

Maa te whiritahi, ka whakatutuki ai ngaa puumananwa aa taangata.

“together weaving the realisation of the potential.”

We are strong and unified- Tuu Kotahi, Tu Kaha and its our respective kupu, phrases and tikanga that enables me to feel one and not isolated which allows me to continue to drive and warrant changes over that of the mis appropriation of kupu Maori in educational programmes that warrants tokenism.

I came to TEU looking for a change in direction and in many ways seeing that education was not meeting the needs of our staff let alone our students, that management dictated the terms of where, what and how. By passing all together grass root development of our communities and society.

Encouraged by the voice of action and the opportunity to warrant changes based on needs and urgency within all sectors of education. From central government to local government that voice continues. Freedom of speech, firmness, consistency, politeness and respect, rising to the challenges and being able to hold ones own within conflicting situations.

Suporting our waahine Maaori with pay equity is another key kaupapa of our Union and which has my commitment.

Ensuring TeTiriti o Waitangi principles of enduring partnerships will warrant a united journey, a commitment and engagement that will solidify our Union and which will set the scene witinn our respective institutions. A united Aotearoa in tertiary education.

In closing, I am committed to the kaupapa of tertiary education, our Maaori potential in our rights as Tangata Whenua and partners to and with the Crown and working with our people collectively.