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Lobbying is working to influence people who hold power.

By lobbying we let people know what the issues are that we want them to address, how and why. You can lobby many different ways but the important thing is taking your time to share your message with people who can make the change you want.

Lobbying can be done as an individual, a group of individuals or on behalf of organisations. It can take many forms, from an informal get together for coffee to formal written and oral submissions as well as a comprehensive plan for on-going lobbying. Lobbying usually goes hand-in-hand with campaigning (see section on campaigning).

In this section you will find:

  • General guides to lobbying

  • Tips for using social media to lobby

  • Guidance in making submissions: Submissions to select committee; submissions to employers in regard to change proposals.

Two actions you can take right now

  1. 1.

    Contact your local MP and ask for a meeting to talk about strategic issues regarding gender equity in the tertiary education sector. Use the lobbying guidance on this site to help you prepare for the meeting.

  2. 2.

    Post an article on social media (or share someone else's post) that aligns with TEU values and our commitment to gender equity. Use the guidance about working with the media on this site to help you shape up your message.