Let’s make student and staff voice the law

Posted By TEU on Oct 12, 2018 | 6 comments

The Education Amendment Bill returns to Parliament shortly. Currently, the Bill will give students and staff one seat each on all tertiary education institution councils – reversing National’s decision to remove these seats, therefore excluding us from decision-making at our institution.

Green Party tertiary education spokesperson, Chlöe Swarbrick, has tabled an amendment that, if passed would change the law to requires all councils to have at least two seats each for students and staff. This would be huge.

Please use the email below to end an email to your MP urging them to add their voice to those studying and working in the sector who are calling for at least two seats each for students and staff.

You can find details of your local MP here. Alternatively you can email the Education Minister Chris Hipkins here, or send your email to a list MP based in your area.


Email to copy and paste – the format for MP’s email address is firstname.lastname@parliament.govt.nz 

Tēnā koe,

You will soon have the opportunity to vote to give students and staff a strong voice in the decisions that affect their places of work and study.

The Education Amendment Bill is returning to Parliament for the Committee of the Whole House. The Bill will give students and staff one seat each on all tertiary education institution councils – reversing National’s decision to remove these seats, therefore excluding us from decision-making at our institution.

National’s decision led to some institutions’ turning away from their core responsibility – to deliver benefits to the public through quality teaching and research – as well as a lack of expertise in councils around what good teaching looks like. In no other part of the public sector would it be considered acceptable to exclude such expertise in decision-making.

The Bill is, therefore, a step forward, but it is not enough.

Decisions are best made when students, staff, institutional leaders, iwi, and the local community can debate and discuss together.

When the Bill is debated I urge you to support Chloe Swarbrick’s amendment that will require all tertiary institution councils to have at least two seats each for students and staff.

Thank you.


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