Freeze tertiary bosses’ pay until all staff paid the Living Wage

Posted By TEU on Dec 15, 2017 |

The Tertiary Education Union (TEU) said today that the State Services Commission (SSC) should take steps to reduce the imbalance in pay between Vice-Chancellors and Chief Executives and other staff of tertiary education institutions (TEIs).

State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes has called for the brakes to go on chief executive pay across the State Sector following publication of the Senior Pay Report 2017 earlier this week. He said state sector chief executive salaries are too high and that pay increases are not sustainable.

TEI bosses’ pay could be frozen until all institution staff are paid at least the Living Wage, the TEU suggested. To help address the pay imbalance, the TEU has been negotiating collectively at a number of institutions for a Living Wage and have worked hard to ensure the lowest paid workers get the biggest boosts in pay.

Commenting on the SSC’s figures, national president of the TEU, Sandra Grey, said:

“The imbalance in pay between the highest and lowest paid at our tertiary institutions is an issue that should concern all New Zealanders. It is ridiculous that some vice-chancellors and chief executives are earning more than the Prime Minister, yet continue to refuse to pay their lowest paid staff enough to provide for their families.

“It was reassuring yesterday to hear the State Services Commissioner say it was time to put the brakes on bosses’ pay. It would send an important message about how much New Zealanders value the time, energy and skill put in by the staff that make our tertiary institutions great places to study, if chief executive and vice-chancellor pay is frozen – at least until every staff member is paid the Living Wage.”

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