TEU celebrates Living Wage week

Posted By TEU on Nov 10, 2017 |

It is Living Wage week and staff and students were among those gathered on the steps of Parliament on Tuesday to celebrate the new government’s support for the Living Wage.

Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has committed to increasing the minimum wage to $16.50 in her first one hundred days, and then to $20 by April 2021.

Events have been taking place up and down the country to celebrate employers that pay their employees enough to meet living costs and provide for their family.

The increasing number of Living Wage employers set an important example that tertiary education institutions should follow.

A growing campaign is calling on Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, Professor Grant Guilford, to pay all those directly employed by the university enough to reach an acceptable, if modest, standard of living, and to commit to extending this across the whole campus team in future.

Earlier in the year, staff at the Eastern Institute of Technology and Massey University launched their own Living Wage campaigns. The Tertiary Education Union has also recently secured a minimum hourly pay rate of $20 at the Universal College of Learning.

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