More support needed for te reo Māori learners

Posted By TEU on Nov 16, 2017 |

Tertiary education organisations need to do more to support te reo Māori learners, according to a report published by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

Support for learning and using te reo Māori in tertiary institutions is variable, the study says, with the sector lacking a common set of strategies, policies, and practices for supporting reo Māori learners and speakers.

To help address this, the study provides a range of tools that aim to help institutions better support te reo learners.

For institutions currently providing little or no support to te reo learners, the study recommends offering free te reo Māori courses, ensuring that te reo can be heard in the institution and developing whanaungatanga between the institution and Māori communities.

Those already supporting te reo learners could go further, the study says, by normalising the use of te reo at any time, ensuring te teo Māori learners, whānau, hapū and iwi make decisions about how to support te reo Māori, and supporting the development of te reo in the wider community.

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