Plans to close Lincoln uni’s bookshop

Posted By TEU on Nov 16, 2017 |

Lincoln University management has announced plans to close the bookshop on campus, leaving students facing the possibility that they will no longer be able to buy text books at their place of study.

The proposal to close the bookshop was announced as part of a strategic review of the shop’s role in contributing towards the future direction of the university.

In one obscure part of the document outlining the proposal, management said it would look at ways to utilise the current space occupied by the bookshop in a way that better fits with Lincoln’s strategic objectives.

It would seem self-evident that having a bookshop not only selling text books relevant to the courses delivered on campus, but also offering vital printing and postage services, already makes a positive contribution to the strategic direction of the university.

Does Lincoln really want to be the only university in the country without a bookshop?

Closing the bookshop would see the loss of several jobs, with other roles potentially affected if some of the services currently offered by the bookshop are contracted out. What is not out-sourced is expected to be picked up on a much smaller scale by other parts of the institution, including the students’ association.

The TEU has long opposed the outsourcing of campus services and most recently highlighted the risks of doing so when it persuaded the management at Unitec to bring back in-house many of the services it privatised last year.

A consultation on the proposals to close the bookshop is open until 1 December, and comments can be made here.

TEU members at Lincoln University are also collecting signatures on a petition that will be presented to management shortly.

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