One year to make equal pay law a reality

Posted By TEU on Nov 16, 2017 | 1 comment

A new campaign launched this week by the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is calling on the new government to legislate for equal pay within one year.

The campaign was launched on Tuesday, the same day that most women across New Zealand effectively start working for free for the remainder of the year because of the gender pay imbalance.

It follows the news earlier in the month that the new government had moved quickly to scrap the flawed Equal Pay and Pay Equity Bill introduced by National before the election.

Before the election, Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens all committed to passing legislation that fully implemented the pay equity Principles agreed by a Joint Working Group of government, business and unions.

The campaign is giving the new government one year to make this happen and is inviting people to show their support for a new equal pay law.

The imbalance between the average pay for men and the average pay for women is currently 13.1 per cent hour for hour. For Māori women, the gender pay imbalance increases significantly to 23.1 per cent, and for Pasifika women,
it is 27.9 percent.

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