World Teachers’ Day an opportunity to discuss our future

Posted By TEU on Oct 5, 2017 |

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) is inviting feedback on what it plans to tell the next government to do to improve the profession.

World Teachers’ Day is a celebration held annually to celebrate the great work educators do in New Zealand and around the world, many of whom are working in difficult conditions and with limited resources.

Many of us will have memories of some amazing people that have taught us throughout our lives, whether in school, during our tertiary education, or in-work training. World Teachers’ Day is a great opportunity to honour those that have inspired us and help us succeed.

Quality teaching in tertiary education plays a huge role in helping us to address some of the enormous social, environmental and scientific issues we face.

Good teachers will inspire future generations to go on to spend their lives searching for solutions to pressing issues like climate change, healthcare and growing inequality.

Quality teaching also makes a huge contribution to democracy by supporting learners to think critically and undertake new research that challenges assumptions and generates new knowledge.

The TEU is marking World Teacher’ Day by opening a conversation with its members about what to include in its forthcoming briefing to the next government.

“We’ve been working on some great recommendations to reform the sector. There are many that could be adopted in the first one hundred days of the new government being formed, and others that can be implemented over the remainder of the three-year Parliament,” Sandra Grey, national president of the TEU, said.

TEU’s final briefing will be launched shortly after the new government is announced and will set out a vision for an accessible, fully-funded public tertiary education system that supports staff and student well-being.

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