Massey staff and students stand together for fair pay

Posted By TEU on Oct 12, 2017 |

Staff and students at Massey University have come together to urge the Vice-Chancellor to support well paid jobs.

Several hundred staff and students have signed postcards calling on Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas to introduce a transparent and equitable pay model for general staff and to offer a pay increase so staff can meet rising living costs.

In recent years, pay increases for staff at Massey University have not kept pace with inflation. General staff have also lacked a pay model that reflects the real value of their work

“Massey’s reputation for high quality teaching and learning, research and student support relies on the hard work of both academic and general staff, and it’s vital their commitment is reflected in their pay and conditions,” Nanette Cormack, deputy secretary of the TEU, said.

When the price of many goods and services is rising faster than pay packets, staff spending power is slowly eroded and living standards can be impacted.

Below inflation pay increases can, therefore, have a significant impact on the livelihoods of people and their whānau.

Professor Thomas recently told student magazine Massive that university management was not ruling out budget cuts in the future. The TEU is concerned that staff are being asked to fund some of these cuts from their own pay packets.

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