Pressure builds on Victoria VC to pay the Living Wage

Posted By TEU on May 3, 2017 |

Students, staff and union members will stand together on 10 May to call on the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University to pay the Living Wage.

Victoria’s Living Wage Day will add further pressure on Professor Grant Guilford, who has so far ignored hundreds of staff, students, alumni and community leaders that have signed postcards and letters urging the him to make Victoria the first Living Wage university in New Zealand.

Supporters will gather at The Hub on the Kelburn Campus of Victoria University at midday on Wednesday 10th May to add their voice to the campaign for all staff to be paid enough to provide their families with the necessities.

There will be a performance from the Samoan Students’ Association, as well as free Nice Block and Good Fortune coffee. Campaign supporters will also hear from low paid workers at the university about what difference the Living Wage would make to their lives.

Library staff, tutors and food workers are among those not paid enough to meet rising living costs, despite the enormous contribution they make to university life.

Professor Guilford’s refusal to pay these staff enough to live on has left him increasingly isolated from hundreds of his staff and students who back calls for the Living Wage.

“There is a huge amount of support from right across the university community for the Living Wage. Staff say they want it. Students say they want it. Alumni and community leaders are calling for it to happen. It just doesn’t make sense that the VC continues to say no,” Nicki Wilford, organiser of the TEU branch at Victoria University, said.

“Supporters simply want to know that their colleagues and friends, who do so much to make studying at Victoria possible, are taking home enough pay to support their families. It’s a very simple step Professor Guilford could make that would be hugely popular with staff and students.

“We urge as many as people at possible to get down to The Hub next Wednesday to tell the VC enough is enough, it time pay all staff the Living Wage.”

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