TEU members celebrate general staff

Posted By TEU on Apr 6, 2017 |

TEU members across New Zealand came together yesterday to celebrate the contribution general staff make to their institutions.

They go by many names – general staff, professional staff , allied staff – and they are crucial to making sure New Zealand students get the world class learning experience that they deserve and expect.

TEU’s General Staff Day is an annual celebration and most Vice-Chancellors and Chief Executives agree to give their general staff an extended lunch break, which is used to host various events.

At Victoria University in Wellington more than 50 staff came together over lunch to hear about the TEU branch’s Living Wage campaign, while at the University of Auckland general staff got together over some fine looking cakes. Staff at Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and the University of Otago Medical School in Wellington also held events yesterday.

Sandra Grey, TEU national president, says the purpose of General Staff Day is to celebrate the contribution general staff members make to the union and to their workplace.

“But for many general staff it is also a chance to speak as a group about the challenges they face – workload pressures from funding cuts, pay systems that don’t recognise experience and loyalty or job insecurity as a result of ill-considered restructuring and redundancies.”

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