Government wants to encourage students offshore

Posted By TEU on Nov 17, 2016 |

The Ministry of Business and Innovation (MBIE) has a plan to encourage more young New Zealanders to study overseas.

MBIE says the government is looking at how it can encourage more New Zealand students to study overseas to “build relevant skills in our workforce to support an expansion of international trade”.

The proposal is part of the updated Building Skilled Safe Workplaces chapter of the Business Growth Agenda that MBIE launched last week, outlining progress on initiatives to develop a skilled and safer workforce to grow productivity in New Zealand.

The project to encourage students overseas has two phases. The first phase is to remove barriers to study offshore. The second phase will encourage more students to study offshore. The Ministry of Education and Education NZ will be responsible for the project.

TEU national president Sandra Grey says there is a risk that the project could result in a type of voucher system that allows offshore providers to get access to public tertiary education funding.

Grey says such a policy would align with the direction the Productivity Commission proposed.

She says the policy direction is the wrong one because education’s end goal is to give people and their communities opportunities, not necessarily to promote more international trade.

“The government should be focused on reducing barriers for students studying here in New Zealand before using energy on reducing barriers to them studying offshore.”

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