Rally in the rain shows love for humanities

Posted By TEU on Aug 25, 2016 |

Tertiary Update Vol 19 No 30

Hundreds of people who work and study at the University of Otago rallied under umbrellas yesterday to say they love humanities.

The university is planning to cut staff from five humanities departments

Local TEU organiser Shaun Scott told the Otago Daily Times yesterday that the university needed to slow down and reconsider its options.

He noted that this year, enrolments in first-year humanities offerings are up 80 equivalent full-time students on 2015.

”The decision to go ahead with further reductions appears not to take into account the increase in first-year enrolments across the university and in humanities,” Mr Scott told the Otago Daily Times.

TEU members at the rally, led by branch president Tree la Rooy, launched a petition calling on the university managers to reject the process of change management which they are imposing on the Humanities Division.

Scott says University of Otago managers need to promote the core university values of wisdom, curiosity and the right to choose one’s own path by protecting and committing to the ongoing excellence of humanities education at the university.

“We want the university to work with students, unions, and the community to continue to lobby the government for increased tertiary education funding that recognises the value and importance of a diverse and quality range of choice for students.”

You can show your love for humanities by signing the petition here: https://teu.ac.nz/humanities-petition

Media coverage from the Otago Daily TimesStuff, and NewstalkZB.

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