Commission to hear what tertiary staff think about productivity

Posted By TEU on Jul 7, 2016 | 1 comment

The Productivity Commission will hear from dozens of ‘smart-board-face’ voices next fortnight when TEU’s productivity symposium takes place.

The symposium aims to give the Productivity Commission an insight into the issues people working in tertiary education think affect productivity and innovation in their work.

TEU president Sandra Grey says the union has researched the things that help tertiary educators to be productive and innovative, as well as identifying the things that inhibit them from doing their jobs well.

“We want to contribute to the Productivity Commission’s debate, but we also want it to be a public debate that includes voices from across New Zealand, not just officials and politicians.”

The symposium begins with a keynote address from the University of Waikato Chancellor, Jim Bolger, and a panel discussion where Chris Whelan (Universities NZ), Peter Brothers (Metro ITPs), Linsey Higgens (NZUSA) and Josh Williams (Industry Training Federation) discuss what an innovative and productive tertiary education sector looks like.

Following that there will be presentations from over two dozen academics, students and staff working in tertiary education on issues ranging from blended learning to mentoring Māori students.

Grey says she believes the Tertiary Education Union is at the heart of the Productivity Commission’s debate on innovation.

“People who work in tertiary education have the best understanding of what innovation is and what they need to make it happen.”

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