Labour’s dole-for-apprenticeships policy

Posted By TEU on Jul 28, 2016 |

The Labour Party announced a refreshed careers and apprenticeships policy this week, promising a ‘dole for apprenticeship’ scheme.

Labour party leader Andrew Little says the scheme would pay employers a subsidy equivalent to the dole, to give them the confidence to invest in more young apprentices.

Little also said Labour would make taking on apprentices a condition for companies winning major government projects, and of participating in the party’s KiwiBuild programme to build 100,000 new affordable houses.

CTU Secretary Sam Huggard welcomed the plan saying the government has significant purchasing power through its procurement, and significant reform was needed in this area to better support local jobs and industries.

“Working people in unions have been calling for apprenticeship requirements for some time – this needs to be part of the government’s procurement mix.”

Little also promised his party, if elected, would ensure every school would have highly trained, skilled careers advice staff and every student will develop a personalised career plan.

“Our $30 million plan will partner schools with business and training providers to deliver up-to-date and relevant careers advice that prepares our young people for the future.”

Little criticised the government’s “intense focus on meeting artificial assessment targets“, such as the target to get 85 percent of students leaving school with NCEA level 2.

He said the targets were arbitrary and focused on quantity of qualifications rather than quality of education.

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