UCOL staff appeal to save jobs

Posted By TEU on Jun 23, 2016 |

Tertiary Update Vol 19 No 22

UCOL has made an initial decision to go ahead with job cuts for over 40 people working in its Palmerston North library and student support services.

It now has an appeals process, essentially a second round of consultation, which closes tomorrow.  TEU members are making submissions to this appeals process.

UCOL’s chief executive Leeza Boyce has agreed to allow TEU members to speak to their submissions on Tuesday next week.

Local TEU organiser Lawrence O’Halloran says people working at UCOL are determined to make the case for why their jobs should be retained.

He believes that UCOL could easily make some changes to its proposal based on the TEU submissions.

“For instance, we think UCOL has scope to create some job-sharing options for the new positions with which it is replacing people’s current jobs, rather than requiring full-time jobs,’ says O’Halloran.

Many of the people who could lose their jobs under the proposal as it stands are women in part-time work.

“We hope UCOL will be reasonable and recognise how important these flexible part-time work arrangements are for the women who work there.”

O’Halloran also says TEU members do not want jobs in the library contracted out to the private provider New Era.

“We’re opposed to privatising decent jobs in Palmerston North. We don’t want to take a good public job and replace it with a contracted-out private job that we know nothing about.”

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