Half a billion cut from tertiary education

Posted By TEU on Jun 23, 2016 |

Data from the Ministry of Education shows that public spending on tertiary education is down across nearly every budget line since the current government took office.

The ministry records that total tertiary education spending in 2008-09 was more than $4.3 billion, whereas in 2014-015 it was less than $4.2 billion.

$4.2 billion is half a billion less than the public’s investment in 2008-09 when adjusted for inflation. That represents well over $15,000 for every person working in public tertiary education.

  • The data shows that tuition funding rose during that time from $2.35 billion to 2.56 billion. If it had kept pace with inflation it would have risen to $2.62 billion.
  • Industry training funding fell $25 million.
  • While research funding for science and innovation rose $9 million to $179 million, if it had kept pace with inflation it would have risen to $189 million.
  • Capital expenditure funding fell $32 million despite the effects of the Canterbury earthquakes.
  • Scholarships and benefits funding fell $1 million.
  • Administration of tertiary education rose $1 million to $162 million.
  • Funding classified as ‘other’ fell over $90 million.
  • Student loans (the net cash cost including loans and repayments) fell by $234 million while student allowances rose by $66 million.

Thanks to nznationalparty for the photo  https://www.flickr.com/photos/nznationalparty/5199194945/

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