Wānanga members celebrate another two percent rise

Posted By TEU on May 5, 2016 |

Tertiary Update Vol 19 No 15

TEU members at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa will get a two percent pay rise after an historic meeting where they and TUIA members sat at the same negotiating table.

The wānanga’s current collective agreement allowed for union members to negotiate a pay rise for the second year of the agreement.

TEU’s Te Pou Tuarā, Lee Cooper, described the meeting as historic because it was the first time union members from TEU and TUIA had negotiated together to achieve better outcomes for all union members across the institution.

The negotiations only took one day and quickly settled on a two percent pay rise backdated to the beginning of 2016.  The two percent rise follows an earlier two percent rise for the first year of the agreement’s two year term.

Cooper says one reason for successful negotiations is that TEU membership continues to grow. In March membership at the wānanga reached an all-time high of 133 members.

Cooper says now that the salary increase is confirmed a tripartite (TEU, TUIA, and the wānanga) working party is reviewing the salary scales.

“We’re optimistic that recommendations from this working party will mean people working at the wānanga will have a fairer pay system. They will know much more clearly how salary reviews, starting salaries, and progression will occur.”

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