$1000 for Weltec’s TEU members

Posted By TEU on Apr 14, 2016 |

People who work at Weltec are $1000 better off thanks to pay rises they negotiated in their new collective agreement.

Everyone will get a $1000 pay rise (pro-rata for proportional staff) as part of the 13-month agreement, no matter what their current pay rate.

TEU branch president Kirsten Blyde, who helped negotiate the agreement says this means the people who the polytechnic pays the least will get the same pay rise, and the same ability to cover their rising cost of living.

“People who work in some jobs at Weltec are paid less than the Living Wage.  Another $1000 will make a huge difference for people in those jobs being able to send their kids on school trips or pay phone bills.”

Blyde says an important part of the new agreement includes a commitment from the polytechnic to form a working group to discuss and agree on the protocol and procedures around student numbers in workshops and laboratories.

“Too many students in a workshop not only creates unfair workloads for the people working at Weltec, it also creates a health and safety danger for staff and students,” says Blyde.

TEU members at Weltec voted to ratify the new collective agreement this week.

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