Māori students lose study support to whitestreaming

Posted By TEU on Mar 15, 2016 | 2 comments

A report into whitestreaming reveals that every university in New Zealand, most polytechnics and even one wānanga have cut jobs that support Māori students.

TEU will launch the report in Gisborne on Saturday 19 March at a nationwide hui.

Whitestreaming is replacing specialist Māori jobs and services with generalist ones. For instance, whitestreaming is replacing a specific Māori academic support officer who provides academic support and pastoral care to Māori students with a general support officer who helps all students.

TEU national president Sandra Grey is calling for an immediate end to the job cull.

“No further Māori jobs should be cut. No further Māori students should lose their support services. Every institution should restore the positions they have cut. And the government must restore the equity funding that made these positions possible in the first place.”

TEU’s Te Tumu Arataki (Māori vice-president) James Houkāmau says the report is an indictment on New Zealand’s commitment to Māori students.

“Whitestreaming doesn’t just affect Māori who lose their jobs – it undermines kaupapa Māori teaching, course content and programmes. Our institutions have failed to invest in their Māori students and they’re neglecting their duties under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.”

TEU is launching its Project Whitestreaming report and recommendations at:

  • TEU Hui-ā-Motu
  • Whatukura, EIT Tairāwhiti campus, Gisborne
  • 19 March 2016
  • 11:00am
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