But it’s not a merger

Posted By TEU on Feb 11, 2016 |

Whitireia and WelTec announced the appointment of a new management team this week, most of whom will span both polytechnics.

Four of the Directors will span both WelTec and Whitireia and four positions will be dedicated to their respective institution.  The establishment of a new team and new structure is another significant milestone for the Students First Partnership between Whitireia and WelTec.” said chief executive Chris Gosling.

As well as those four directors, Gosling, is the chief executive for both polytechnics.

Despite this, and the shared council, the two polytechnics are not merging.

Five years ago WelTec and Whitireia said their ‘Students First’ strategic partnership was not a merger.

Instead, it considered that “a strategic partnership would provide all the benefits of a merger without the level of disruption, distraction and cost that a merger would involve. A strategic partnership also means that the distinctive identities and cultures of the two institutions can be retained.”

TEU national president Sandra Grey says the business jargon is disingenuous.

“How are these two organisations meant to retain their ‘distinctive identities and cultures’ when exactly the same people are governing and managing both of them simultaneously.

Grey says the Hutt Valley, Porirua and central Wellington do all have distinctive communities and cultures.

“This merger ‘in all but name’ is going ahead, but people who work and study at the two polytechnics are not clear what plan their managers and council members have to represent  and protect their distinct cultures and communities.”

Grey says seeing as it is a merger, the two polytechnics should do it properly and formally, consulting with the people affected and putting in place plans that everyone has a say in.

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