Lockout and intimidation at Talleys/AFFCO

Posted By TEU on Jan 21, 2016 |

Two hundred workers at AFFCO meat works have been locked out since June last year for resisting the company’s brutal push to replace negotiated collective agreements with individual agreements.

The anti-union Talley family owns AFFCO. Talleys/AFFCO is also punishing union members and workplace representatives with suspensions and dismissals.

The global federation of unions IUF is now interceding, calling on union members around the world to send a message to Talleys/AFFCO.

Throughout 2015, the Meat Workers Union (MWU) tried to negotiate an agreement with AFFCO to replace the collective agreement negotiated only after a lengthy lockout in 2012.

Last June AFFCO began pressuring employees on seasonal layoff to give up their union-negotiated pay and conditions.

It insisted that employees could only continue working at the company on individual employment agreements. Two hundred workers at the company’s plant in Wairoa refused to do so and have been locked out of their jobs ever since.

The Employment Court determined that, by compelling the workers to sign individual agreements and undermining the union, AFFCO has acted illegally, but the court-ordered mediation process has been unable to deliver a solution owing to the company’s fundamental refusal to negotiate.

AFFCO stepped up its anti-union aggression last month, when it suspended three workers at the Talleys plant in Rangiuru for wearing union shirts to and from work.

Two days before Christmas Talleys dismissed two Rangiuru workplace union leaders on bogus breach of health and safety charges after they went to work before their normal shift time to talk with union members in need of support.

AFFCO/Talleys are trying to destroy collective bargaining and union representation with a lockout, dismissals and intimidation, even dictating to employees what they can wear to and from work.

TEU is collecting donations to support locked out Talley’s Wairoa workers at this website.  You can donate individually or as a branch: https://teu.ac.nz/2016/01/affco-meatworkers/

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