Lincoln breaches VC appointment process

Posted By TEU on Jan 29, 2016 | 2 comments

Tertiary Update Vol 19 No 2

TEU’s Lincoln branch is aggrieved that the university’s preferred new vice-chancellor has been interviewing staff under the guise of a visiting academic.

The branch committee understands that the university council’s preferred candidate to be the new vice-chancellor was introduced to staff as a visiting academic.

Some staff were told that he was preparing a discussion document for council on things that were happening on campus.  

The candidate for vice-chancellor only disclosed the true purpose of his visit at the end of his meetings to some staff and stated that he was the preferred candidate for the vice-chancellor position.

Local TEU organiser Cindy Doull says she understands some staff were quite open and frank about the university and their concerns.

“A number of staff are very distressed that they were deliberately misled as to the real purpose of the meetings.”

Doull says she is appalled and considers the meetings with staff be a breach of good faith obligations to not mislead or deceive.

TEU and the university were still negotiating a process for appointing the new vice-chancellor, and had agreed union representatives could meet the five candidates in structured focus groups.

Doull believes the university changed the process unilaterally, without informing TEU, after one of the five candidates for vice-chancellor refused to participate in the focus groups.  

“We are extremely disappointed that council accepted an amended process. For some time now we have expressed on behalf of staff a growing level of frustration with the management of Lincoln University and the significant impact on staff morale and wellbeing.”

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