AUT allied staff vote to remove lowest pay rates

Posted By TEU on Dec 10, 2015 |

Allied staff who work at Auckland University of Technology are about to vote on a new collective agreement that moves them closer to a living wage.

AUT has agreed to delete some, but not all, of its pay rates that are below the current living wage of $19.25 per hour.

Throughout negotiations AUT’s managers rejected the term ‘living wage’ but it was an important issue for TEU’s allied staff members.

“Whether we call it the living wage or not, $19.25 is the independently measured amount that people need to earn to provide a decent life for themselves and their families,” TEU’s national industrial officer Irena Brorens says.

“Getting rid of some of the rates below $19.25 takes us some way to achieving this, but we’re disappointed that AUT would not agree to remove all the steps, which would have raised people’s pay.”

The proposed collective agreement also includes pay rises of 1.6 percent next year and 2 percent the following year, professional development of $1000 and nine weeks of paid parental leave.

TEU members will get each of the two pay rises ten weeks earlier than people who do not belong to a union.

Brorens says the proposed settlement owes a lot to the collective strength that academic union members showed and the action that academics took last month.

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