New pay offer ends AUT dispute

Posted By TEU on Nov 23, 2015 | 1 comment

TEU members at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) have ended their strike action where they temporarily withheld assessment grades for entry into the university’s database.

Late last week AUT increased its pay offer to academic staff at the university to 1.6 percent for the first year of the new collective agreement and 2 percent for the second year.

TEU members are pleased that AUT has come forward with a better salary offer and, as an act of good faith, the TEU negotiating team lifted the strike early ensuring students will get their grades on time.

The union’s negotiating team formally presented the new offer to members at a meeting at AUT on Monday.

“We took action to get a better deal from AUT and, as a consequence of our actions, AUT has improved its salary offer,” says branch president John Prince.

“We are now continuing all our duties and ending our action as an act of good faith,”

Prince says the prompt new offer means that the action union members took has not adversely affected any students.

“This pay offer is a significant improvement for our members. We are very pleased to have had such solid support from people working in universities and polytechnics across the rest of the country and also from AUT’s students,” says Prince.

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