Large CEO pay rises harming tertiary education

Posted By TEU on Nov 27, 2015 | 3 comments

Substantial pay rises for chief executives and vice-chancellors at New Zealand’s polytechnics and universities reveal growing inequality.

The State Services Commission released the pay bands of New Zealand’s tertiary education leaders yesterday.

Seven of the 19 universities, polytechnics and wānanga where the chief executive and vice-chancellor did not change in the last two years received a pay rise of more than $10,000.

Several of those leaders who left, such as Lincoln’s Dr Andrew West ($117,000 for his last day of duty), seem to have received substantial golden handshakes to see them on their way.

The University of Auckland’s vice-chancellor Prof Stuart McCutcheon saw his pay increase to over $680,000. Some of the lowest paid people working at his university earn $36,000. Professor McCutcheon earns that much in less than three weeks.

Dr Peter Brothers at Manukau Institute of Technology got a pay rise of over $60,000. During that time, Dr Brothers oversaw more than 50 people at his polytechnic losing their jobs and several courses closed.

TEU national president Sandra Grey says these figures reveal growing inequality in tertiary education.

“Our members have been campaigning to make sure the people who earn the least get the biggest percentage pay rise. We are working hard for a Living Wage for everyone working in universities and polytechnics.”

“It’s embarrassing to see our bosses taking pay rises that they are not willing to offer to the people who work for them.”


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