Govt cannot dismiss scientists

Posted By TEU on Nov 23, 2015 | 2 comments

When the government dismisses scientific and academic evidence it endangers the whole country, says TEU national president Dr Sandra Grey.

Last week the deputy prime minister called a comprehensive report into rising sea levels ‘speculative’.

That report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment was based on the work of highly regarded scientists and academics from around New Zealand and the rest of the world.

“By dismissing those scientists and their work Bill English is not only ignoring strong evidence, he is risking our future,” says Grey.

Grey is calling on New Zealand academics to join the People’s Climate Marches this weekend to show their support for academics and scientists who continue to raise important issues despite the disparaging and denigrating attitude they face from politicians.

“Politicians cannot pick and choose what evidence they want to hear. An overwhelming majority of climate scientists and academics say there this is a real, measurable, and urgent issue that we need to address. It is not speculative.”

Grey says the current government has a poor record denigrating scientists and academics with whom it does not agree and this is resulting in poor policy outcomes in a range of areas, especially climate change.

Grey will be MCing the Wellington People’s Climate March at Civic Square on 28 November, 1pm.

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