More students, fewer staff at EIT

Posted By TEU on Jun 18, 2015 |

EIT’s recently released annual report shows staff at the polytechnic face increasing workload pressures as fewer of them teach a growing number of students.

The number of full-time equivalent students rose from 4,388 in 2013 to 4,574 last year, while the number of teaching staff fell by 15 full-time equivalent staff.

The result was the student staff ratio grew from 14.6 students per teaching staff to 15.7 (pp113-114).

TEU branch president Gordon Reid says that workload is high on the agenda for most people at EIT. He says some staff are working over their maximum number of timetabled teaching hours per year.

“Lack of inflation proofing from the government is causing a tight budget.”

“One extra student in a class does not sound like much until you think about all the support and care that student needs to learn, and their assessment. 200 extra students have a big impact if there are not more staff to support them.”

Reid says the recent NZQA external evaluation and review of EIT shows that staff are working hard to meet very high education standards.

As well as the increase in teaching workload for EIT’s tutorial staff there was also a dramatic increase in research outputs per full-time staff member, up from 0.61 outputs per academic FTE in 2011 to 0.91 in 2014 (p76).

Reid says EIT’s international enrolments are up by 20 percent.

“This also has an effect on workload because many of those students need extra tuition.”

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