Lincoln council opts for elected staff representatives

Posted By TEU on Jun 23, 2015 |

Hundreds of petitions and a raft of submissions have convinced Lincoln University to make space for elected staff representatives on its new council.

Lincoln University Council voted this week to adopt a new council structure that includes seats for two elected staff members. The council’s initial proposal had only one staff member in its structure, who would have been appointed rather than elected.

TEU branch president Stuart Larsen is pleased with the decision. He says the university management was supportive of the union running a campaign to encourage submissions.

TEU submitted a petition signed by over 500 people supporting democratically elected staff and student positions on the council.

The council noted in its report; “In light of this feedback, it is considered appropriate to retain the election of the staff and student representatives.”

It also noted that its new council structure should include an elected general staff member who has the same status as the academic staff member.

Larsen says he is also pleased that the chair of academic board will have a non-voting ex-officio seat on council.

“This is an important protection for academic freedom and the university’s role as a critic and conscience of society.”

TEU national president Sandra Grey says Lincoln’s decision this morning is an important one that upholds the important role staff and students play in their university communities.

“We think Lincoln’s willingness to consult leads the way for other universities that are also considering their new council compositions. We are flexible about how each new council is designed, but it is crucial they all include seats for the democratic voice of staff and students.”

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