Strong collectives will lead to fairer polytechnic pay

Posted By TEU on Apr 2, 2015 |

Years of funding cuts, low  pay rises and constant reviews and restructuring  at polytechnics need to end says TEU national secretary Sharn Riggs.

Eight  polytechnics are currently negotiating new collective agreements or will start negotiations soon. They include NMIT, Wintec, Open Polytechnic, Otago, NorhTec, Aoraki and SIT.

Riggs says all those people deserve a decent pay rise after bearing the brunt of the government’s ongoing austerity approach to tertiary  education.

“TEU’s first goal this year is to protect our collective agreements, to achieve pay increases and to give as many staff as possible the chance  to join the union and to get the benefit of those agreements.”

“A strong collective agreement that everyone can belong to is the best way of giving people better pay and fair working conditions. And good working conditions are the best way to retain staff and protect learning conditions for students.”


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