Joyce asked how much tertiary staff worth

Posted By TEU on Mar 19, 2015 |

Tertiary Update Vol 18 No 7

Steven Joyce does not have an answer yet for how much he believes a good university tutor, university lecturer, senior university lecturer, polytechnic tutor, polytechnic lecturer, senior polytechnic lecturer, wānanga tutor, wānanga lecturer, and senior wānanga lecturer deserves to be paid. But he soon will.

The Labour Party’s new tertiary education spokesperson David Cunliffe has peppered tertiary education minister Steven Joyce with a barrage of questions about pay rates for tertiary education staff. Joyce’s responses to these parliamentary questions were due yesterday, but at the time of print were not available.

However he did state earlier this month that tertiary education could expect another tight budget.

“The message coming out of Wellington for everybody is this year will be as tough fiscally as it has been for the past few years,” he said.

TEU national secretary Sharn Riggs said when the minister did get around to answering Mr Cunliffe’s parliamentary questions he was unlikely to give a straight answer about how much he thought tertiary education staff are worth.

“But he has answered that question in the past time and again with his actions rather than his words. He needs to undo the budget cuts of previous years and lift the financial pressure on universities, polytechnics and wānanga so they have more scope to pay their staff fairly”, said Riggs.

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