Zero-hour agreements are extreme casualisation

Posted By TEU on Dec 4, 2014 |

KFC worker and Unite Union member Tegan Tinsley is on a zero-hour agreement and she says it is stressful not knowing how many hours she would be working each week.

“One week I’ll be really comfortable with my hours and the next week my hours will drop by 10 or 20 hours so I will start panicking and looking for a new job, and then they will be bumped up again the next week,” she told Stuff this week.

Both Unite – the union representing fast food workers, and the online campaign organisation ActionStation and are in talks about collaborative campaigning for 2015. ActionStation has launched a petition calling for an end to zero-hour employment agreements.

ActionStation’s Laura O’Connell-Rapira says zero-hour agreements don’t guarantee any hours of work, and employees have to be ready to come in when they’re called.

“This form of extremely casualised work makes it virtually impossible for employees to plan for their lives.”

The petition has already got over 400 signatures and ActionStation has not promoted it to its thousands of members yet.

Zero-hour agreements came to the public’s attention last month when Radio New Zealand reported that hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders are working in precarious jobs and increasing numbers of workers are now tied to jobs in which their employer is under no obligation to provide work.

You can sign the petition at

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