Call for papers – Universities in the Knowledge Economy: Transforming Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Rim and Europe

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Conference at the University of Auckland, 10–13 February 2015

As public expenditure for research and teaching declines and pressure to commercialise their intellectual property intensifies, universities everywhere are being transformed. The notion that
universities should become the engines of the new knowledge economy has become a striking feature of the landscape of higher education reform, particularly in countries that have experimented with neoliberalism.

This conference will explore:

  • What is the place of universities in the emerging ‘ecology’ of higher education systems that straddle industry, government and the public sphere?
  • How are universities negotiating the different demands placed upon them to compete in the global knowledge economy?
  • What new subjects and spaces have emerged under the new conditions of existence for universities?
  • How are academics, students, managers and policy makers making sense of these changes, and in what alternative ways?

Potential Themes:

1: Higher Education and the (New) Knowledge Economies: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific and Europe

  • The university in the new economies: new university-industrial & commercial complexes, Europe and the Asia-Pacific Rim compared.
  • Rise of new Higher Education Regions and regionalisms: the role of APEC and ASEM.
  • Globalising Universities: the Internationalisation of Higher Education and its discontents.
  • New actors in higher education.
  • University consortia and new research clusters.

2: Beyond the University in Ruins: The Transformation of Higher Education

  • Parallel or parasitical? The rise of new industries, institutions and actors and the shifting boundaries of universities in the Knowledge Economy.
  • New and emerging partnerships between public and private sector institutions and firms.
  • Innovation and enterprise: on triple helixes, academic capitalism and the new entrepreneurial ecosystems of higher education.

3: ‘Under New Management’? New Universities, New Stakeholders, New Systems of Governance

  • Changing missions: new regimes of funding, regulation and management and their impact on teaching and research practices.
  • Governing by numbers: legitimacy, authority and the role of metrics.
  • Workplace bullying and changing social relations in the neoliberalised university: casualisation and its implications.

4: Alternative Futures for Higher Education

  • Alternatives ways of thinking and organising the university.
  • ‘An Avalanche is Coming’? Responding to the doomsday scenarios for the university.
  • What is academic freedom and does it still matter?

The organisers invite papers and panels that address the conference themes.

Please send title and abstract (one page) to:
Cris Shore
Lynette Read
by 30 September 2014

Further information and booking arrangements will be available in due course at

This conference is jointly supported by the EU-funded project UNIKE ( – Universities in the Knowledge Economy and the University of Auckland, and funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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