Draper and Edwards contest vice-presidency

Posted By TEU on Sep 25, 2014 |

The election for TEU’s national president for the next two years is nearly over and now members have a chance to elect a new industrial and professional vice-president. The two candidates are Phil Edwards from Otago Polytechnic and Richard Draper from CPIT.

phil edwards 3Phil Edwards currently sits on TEU’s governing council and has in the past been Otago Polytechnic branch president, a member of the national Industrial and Professional Committee and of the Te Tiriti Partnership Group.

Phil Edwards says he is committed to growing general staff membership.

‘I am really proud to be a member of one of the branches amongst the ITP sector of the union that has been consistently growing and is currently the second largest ITP branch.’

Phil Edwards lists four issues affecting TEU members that are ‘on the radar’ for him:

  • increasing casualisation,
  • general staff workloads,
  • the rights of members with disabilities
  • and helping branches to understand how Te Kaupapa Whaioranga can be used as a tool to create better workplaces in tertiary education.

You can read his full candidate statement and ask him questions at his campaign page.

richard draperRichard Draper is the CPIT branch president and has previously been a vice-president for the union and sat on the governing council. He says the union has lost some direction in the last couple of years.

“Without wanting to sound like one of those pernicious reviews so prevalent in our sector, we need to keep lifting our game!”

“My aim is to help bring back that direction and to increase our appeal and relevance to our members (and potential members).”

He says his role as vice president would be to

  • ensure focus on core business,
  • provide prudent and effective governance,
  • promote the union’s shared vision of a quality tertiary sector,
  • provide a strong voice for all of members and for the wider union movement

You can read his full candidate statement and ask him questions at his campaign page.

The election will take place between Monday 13 October and Friday 24 October. . For most TEU members this will be an electronic ballot. Eligible members will be emailed a unique username and password that allows them to vote anonymously. Those without access to email will receive a paper ballot.

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