TEU presidents in showdown

Posted By TEU on Aug 21, 2014 |

Tertiary Update Vol 17 No 28

Arguably TEU’s two most experienced leaders will go head-to-head in a presidential election next month, with former national president Sandra Grey and current national president Lesley Francey both standing to be the union’s national president for 2015-16.

In its short history TEU has not had a former or current president stand for a second term until now.

Lesley Francey is on leave from her position as a senior lecturer in English at Manukau Institute of Technology. Before her current position as TEU’s national president she was a long-serving union branch president at MIT and sat on the national ITP sector group and national council.

Sandra Grey is a senior lecturer in social and public policy at Victoria University of Wellington. She was TEU national president from 2010 to 2012 and women’s vice-president in 2009. Currently she is the union’s industrial and professional vice-president.

Both candidates have campaign websites where they will regularly be providing more information about themselves and answering questions that voters ask them. Lesley Francey’s website is here and Sandra Grey’s website is here.

An election in which all financial members of TEU can vote will take place between Mon 15 September and Fri 26 September. For most TEU members this will be an electronic ballot. Eligible members will be emailed a unique username and password that allows them to vote anonymously. Those without access to email will receive a paper ballot.

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