CPIT votes on 1.3% plus 1.3%

Posted By TEU on Aug 7, 2014 |

TEU’s negotiation team at CPIT has achieved pay rises of 1.3 percent plus 1.3 percent for the next two years. Now members at the Christchurch polytechnic will vote on whether to accept that offer or not.

TEU organiser Phil Dodds says the negotiations were complicated because there are two unions at the polytechnic, and the other one has a collective agreement with different working conditions and pay.

“Overall the negotiations were a success.  Our working conditions were not reduced, there are two salary increases for all members, and a slightly higher settlement for part-timers in their first year. And the polytechnic has agreed to a working party that will consider how academics will be promoted to PASM.”

TEU members at the polytechnic are voting over the next few days on whether to accept the new collective employment agreement.


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