General Staff Day: Election, living wage dominate

Posted By TEU on Jul 3, 2014 |

Tertiary Update Vol 17 No 21

General Staff Day events were held around the country yesterday as the TEU took the day to say ‘thank you’ to general, allied and professional staff and bring members up to speed on the union’s plans for the election and a new paper. Tertiary Update takes a look at a few of the events.


Victoria and Massey share a meeting – and cake

It was cake for at Victoria University as members from that site and Massey University joined forces for the first time.

The main discussion centred around the Living Wage, off the back of the good news that the coalition had signed up 20 employers to pay at least $18.80 an hour.

Representatives from the students’ association, postgraduate association and the Service and Foodworkers union all attended to show their support for general staff.

Kenton Lenders, a security staff member at Victoria University, and Geraldine Keith, a lecturer at Massey University had the honour of cutting the cake to celebrate.

Kenton arrived with four new members that he signed up to TEU that day. The event was open to all general staff and others signed up to join the TEU as they ate pizza and listened to speakers.

TEU members Geraldine Keith and Kenton Lenders kick off the General Staff Day celebration in Wellington

TEU members Geraldine Keith and Kenton Lenders kick off the General Staff Day celebration in Wellington

Otago general staff rearing to vote

The CTU-led Get Out and Vote campaign was high on the agenda for general staff at the University of Otago on Wednesday.

Members wrote on signs why they were voters. Some pointed to climate change as their reason, while one member wrote that the rebuilding of a “caring and civilised society” would be the driver for to make his vote count in September.

To be part of the campaign to lift voter turnout, head to to register.

Members celebrate GSD at the University of Otago

Members celebrate GSD at the University of Otago

President addresses the University of Auckland

TEU president Lesley Francey attended the event at the University of Auckland where the sector’s environment of reviews, restructuring and redundancies was top of mind as hundreds expect their jobs to be affected by the university’s Faculty Administration Review (FAR). The majority of attendees at the event were amongst those affected by the review.

She emphasised the importance of recruiting new members to the union to further strengthen the University of Auckland branch where bargaining has been fraught in recent years. She told members that there was no doubt “that there is strength in numbers and in the present environment we are going to need that strength”.

Branch recruitment officer Libby Passau facilitated the event that included Quingo (quiz-bingo), a draw for artwork created by a member at ELAM and the filling out of pledge cards for the Get Out And Vote campaign.

Libby Passau praised branch co-president Nina Mamnani for her ‘inspirational’ leadership during the FAR process.

Francey told Tertiary Update that TEU took great pride in the work done by general staff.

“These staff support the quality tertiary education system New Zealand’s students and New Zealand’s society depends on.

“We’ve long argued for a tertiary education system which gives back, which really supports those who support others.”

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