Huge job losses at Lincoln

Posted By TEU on Apr 3, 2014 |

Approximately 50 jobs will be disestablished at Lincoln University but this could rise to 60 or 70, as well as 12 cleaners who may be contracted out, says Cindy Doull, TEU’s Lincoln organiser, of the university’s restructuring projects.

Cindy Doull says the university currently has eight major restructuring projects or change proposals underway.

“There are so many it is difficult to get a sense of what is happening,” she says.

“Twenty-one new jobs will be created and we will try to help redeploy current staff into some of those jobs. Approximately 50 jobs will have changes to position descriptions and workloads.”

Cindy Doull says union members have big concerns regarding the nature of the proposals.

“The impact of contracting out work is serious, including the possible impact on the Education Act if teaching is contracted out. Members believe teaching needs to be research-based.”

Six of the eight change proposals (Library Teaching and Learning, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Commerce, Research and Commercialisation, Environment Society and Design, Foundation Studies and English) are currently open for consultation until 2 May. The other two, Lincworks and ITS, have finished their consultation periods and staff are awaiting an announcement.

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