Gender equity policy

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The purpose of this policy is to outline what gender equity means in the context of the tertiary sector as well as within the TEU.

The policy aligns with the TEU object “the commitment to and promotion of gender equity and equal employment opportunities for staff in tertiary and further education”

Policy statement

Education is transformative and has the potential to change people’s lives and offer opportunities for new knowledge and understanding.  It provides unique opportunities to promote equity, inclusiveness and diversity and challenge prevailing stereotypes and inequities.

Gender equity implies both equal opportunities and equitable outcomes in all aspects of employment – remuneration, career development, participation, leadership, and governance for women and men. It includes equitable working conditions and pay equity between women and men.

Promoting gender equity is a fundamental aspect of the work of education professionals and a quality tertiary education system. It includes analysis of organisational policies, practices and outcomes to ensure gender equity is achieved.

TEU believes education unions have an important role to play in both shaping education systems and contributing to the development of more equitable communities and societies.


TEU is committed to advocating for policies and practices in tertiary institutions that promote gender equity and address discrimination and inequities in our workplaces, in communities and society.

We believe a structured analysis of organisational behaviour and systems; regular pay audits and a comprehensive gender equity action plan are requirements of every tertiary institution.

The TEU is committed to gender equity and non-discriminatory behaviour in our own organisation.  Therefore we aspire to model policies and practices that reflect values of equity, diversity and empowerment in all aspects of union work.

TEU will continue to provide women members with leadership development opportunities and ensure that the organisation adopts and implements policies and practices that encourage women to fully participate in union governance, activism and all activities.

Other applicable policies

TEU policy “Te Tiriti o Waitangi” 2011

TEU policy “Equal employment opportunties” 2012

Policy review

November 2015

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