University of Auckland negotiations underway

Posted By TEU on Oct 31, 2013 |

Tertiary Update Vol 16 No 37

Academic staff and professional staff employment negotiations at the University of Auckland resumed this week with TEU members claiming that their employer  table a pay offer through negotiations.

Previously the university’s vice-chancellor has unilaterally announced a pay increase outside of negotiations.

TEU members have long held that this approach is not only unfair but also fails to serve the best interests of democratic and consultative institutions like the university.

TEU organiser Jane Kostanich says union members expect to negotiate pay with their employer.

“It is a basic element of employment negotiations.”

Jane Kostanich says union members are determined to improve academic workloads, the development and promotion processes for professional teaching fellows and employment conditions for new employees.

Union members are also claiming:

  • all staff receive at least the Living Wage – a minimum rate of $18.40 per hour;
  •  a fair, transparent and objective pay and progression process for professional staff; and
  • improved management of change processes including a commitment to offer affected staff new positions being offered in the first instance when a change process occurs.

The union bargaining team will meet again Friday 8 November to hear the employer’s response it its claims.

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