NZCER bargains better super

Posted By TEU on Sep 19, 2013 |

TEU members at the New Zealand Council of Educational Research (NZCER) will shortly be voting on a  proposed settlement that increases their maximum employer superannuation contribution to $5000.00

TEU women’s officer Suzanne McNabb, who led the union’s negotiating team, said employer contributions to superannuation are an increasingly important employment right for all union members.

“People are living longer more active lives and that means that both the government and employers have a growing duty to ensure that workers will be able to care for themselves and their loved ones when they retire. This agreement recognises the important role that retirement savings have in our workplace culture.”

The two-year agreement will also, if ratified, give members annual pay rises each year. The negotiations occurred last Friday, and were over in one day.

Positive settlements show the value of having nearly everyone in the institution join the union and actively support it,” said Suzanne McNabb.

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