MPs need to hear from more workers before they cut work-rights

Posted By TEU on Sep 19, 2013 |

It is disappointing the Transport and Employment Relations Select Committee has not travelled around more to see New Zealand workers, says TEU national secretary Sharn Riggs.

For instance Waikato members of TEU, who wrote a detailed submission to the select committee were frustrated that the committee was not able to hear their concerns about proposed new employment laws that would take away many of their work-rights.

Parliament is currently considering law changes that will strip new workers of the right to union negotiated employment rights in the first thirty days of work, allow employers to walk away from bargaining, and place a maze of bureaucratic procedure in the way of union members who try to take strike action.

If passed the laws will also remove workers’ rights to tea and meal breaks and their right to know why their boss is making them redundant.

Thousands of workers, including many TEU members, have written submissions from all around the country opposing the law changes.  In response the select committee is travelling to the country’s largest cities, and Palmerston North, to hear people speak.  However Sharn Riggs believes that the committee is missing out on hearing the voices of many more workers who will lose out if the bill passes into law.

“These laws will make it harder for working families to get by.  Politicians need to know the people they are hurting before they vote on these laws.”

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